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Welcome to Sonnenmulde Estate Winery

Vinyard on an autumn morning

On our Website you can find interesting and worth knowing things about our winery and the wines we create. We offer an insight into their development from their origin in the vinyards until they finally end up in your glass, letting you experience a pleasurable time.

Learn about our assortment and how you get a chance to taste and purchase some of the wines. The best way is of course by personally visiting our winery, one of our partners or one of the several events that we take part in throughout the year.
Do you just want to taste some of our wines? Maybe the Sonnenmulde Tasting Box is exactly what you are looking for. A new one comes out every month and if you like it will be delivered directly to your home for a nice tasting.

But until then have look around this website or our other web outlets and ejoy!

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