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The web presence of our winery over the years.


Year of publication: 2000 | 2003 | 2006 | 2012 | 2020

The web is old enough for a museum. In 1999 we started to create our first website, which was then published in 2000. Since then, the web has evolved at incredible speed, and time and again a complete overhaul has been necessary. In these days the speed of change has slowed down a bit, but still we have reached the 5th version of our website in 2020.

Here we now offer a retrospective of the development of the Sonnenmulde website. Our archived pages of the past, as a museum to click through. Something to smile about for all those who were there "back then", and to be amazed by for the younger generation.

The Sonnenmulde archive is designed to be viewed with pretty much anything that ever saw the internet! The archived pages themselves of course need browsers corresponding to the time period of their publication. But this overview works with anything that can handle the simplest and most ancient HTML.

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Sonnenmulde Website from 2000 to 2003

The first version of our website. Created then as now in a text editor with the help of SELFHTML. In the process, we established principles that have been followed in all versions of our site since then.

We adhere to the relevant web standards and the site should be accessible to all people easily and without restrictions. This even includes avoiding JavaScript to a large extent. Although there is some use for it here and there, the page works without it in any case!

This site consists of pure HTML with very little CSS. And yes, the first version of our site actually used frames and recommended specific screen resolutions. Such things were the preferred choice for contemporary websites back then, even though it didn't help much with the accessibility we praised above. This was one of the reasons why we started developing a new site after only 2 years. You can see that one below.

Screenshot of the 2000s Website

2000s Website
(616 KB)

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Sonnenmulde Website from 2003 to 2006

The second version of our website with a completely new look. The "Aqua" design of the then brand new MacOS X operating system left its mark - stripes were simply modern.

In the beginning, this site was also created in pure HTML, but then soon switched to PHP. This allowed for easier, modular maintenance and the addition of a mail form and guestbook. Initially there was even a menu entry for a webshop, but this was never realized and the guestbook took its place.

Structure, content and navigation were largely the same as our first website, except for the design. And like that, version 2 was already completely bilingual. (German, English)

Screenshot of the 2003s Website

2003s Website
(2.9 MB)

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Sonnenmulde Website from 2006 to 2012

The third version of our website and the biggest relaunch of all. Even though this site has not met modern requirements for a long time, it formed the basis for all further versions.

We developed our own simple Content Management System (CMS) in PHP. Content changes were thus very easily possible via entries in a few text files. All this was very specific to the layout of the website, so a redesign practically required a complete new development. The site was created in XHTML and for the first time there were links to social media platforms - Facebook and Twitter to be exact.

The layout and content of our current website are still based on this version. It was also the first time that we offered an archive of wine vintages and news from our winery, including an RSS feed. These archives are until today part of our current website!

Screenshot of the 2006s Website

2006s Website
(58 MB)

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Sonnenmulde Website from 2012 to 2020

The fourth version of our website, for the first time not entirely self-developed. Up to this point, all changes to the website and its content were made exclusively by Andreas Schreiner. This was finally going to change, and so for the first time a full-blown content management system was used.

Because of the for the time excellent support for multilingual websites SilverStripe (2.x to 3.x) was chosen as CMS. The layout of the website was nevertheless created in our own good old fashioned way. As always standard compliant, accessible and without requiring JavaScript. Even if the site looks different, structure and content of version 3 were kept for the most part.

Nevertheless, version 4 remained an outlier. It turned out that a CMS was actually unnecessary, since all changes were still made by one person. In 2012 there were already many smartphones as well, but mobile internet was not yet important enough to consider small devices in the design of the site. However, that was to change quickly, and so we were soon no longer entirely happy with this version of the site. But a new development takes time, especially if you want to do it yourself, besides working in the vineyard and cellar. And so this version was kept in use for quite a long time!

Screenshot of the 2012s Website

2012s Website
(92 MB)

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Sonnenmulde Website from 2020 until today

Version five - not an archive, but our current website. The return of the simple, static HTML and CSS, almost like the last millennium. This version not only reflects on simple but effective solutions from the past, but is finally also well usable on smartphones & Co.

After the "heavy" previous version, a slim and flexible web presence was desired again. In contrast to the 1990s, however, one no longer has to create everything by hand. There are static website generators that save a lot of redundant typing. In our case we decided to use Hugo, with a few small support scripts from Python and PHP. Visually the site is reminiscent of version 4, content and paths are even in parts identical so that old links still point to the right place. Technically, however, they are completely different. Version 5 is much closer to the easy to maintain, flexible version 3. A great relief for the webmaster.

Another innovation, finally a webshop. It is hosted externally, but still. 19 years from the initial planning of our webshop to the launch is almost a record ;-)

Screenshot of the 2020s Website

2020s (current) Website
(400 MB and growing)

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Except where otherwise noted, all content on this site has been created
by Andreas Schreiner and is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License..

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