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Welcome to #MARCHintosh 2022!

Celebrating classic Macs in March.


For this year's #MARCHintosh I did something different. It is a bit of a strech, but I believe it is still in the full spirit of the month.

My family has always owned a winery and I have been responsible for its website since we decided to create one in 1999. It is now in its fifth iteration and for a long time I wanted to make the old versions available again. So I took the time I set apart for MARCHintosh 2022 and created the Sonnenmulde Website Museum.

Why is this relevant you ask?

Well, the first website was made on my then brand-new Blueberry iBook G3. The second site's layout is heavily inspired by the Aqua design of early MacOS X. It was created on an iMac G3 DV+ and a Late 2002 800 Mhz G3 iBook while the third incarnation was created on a PowerBook G4 12" 1.5 Ghz

I still own this PowerBook, and while it is not in great shape due to heavy use over the years, I used it to create these pages.

And last but not least, the Museum pages make a great target for "vintage-websurfing" I deliberately do not require TLS and the sites can be viewed on computers from the corresponding time. Get out your 68k gear and have fun. You may discover many "Make iCab smile" badges!

Except where otherwise noted, all content on this site has been created
by me, Andreas Schreiner and is licensed under a
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#MARCHintosh Event Logo concept and design by Javier Rivera
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The "Made with a Mac" badge has been made by someone too for sure.
But who did it has probably been lost to history. *shrug*

Made with a Mac animated badge

Let iCab smile badge

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